Wylde Ambiance

A little change

Hi everyone. Just a quick note to state that the website is now being run by Wylde Ambiance.com ltd.


It is with a great deal of sadness to inform you all that our shop will be closing for good today 3rd February 2023. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our customers over the last 18 months for your support. Unfortunately the current government are so inept and corrupt and… Continue reading Closing

Wicca Course

Announcing our first course launch. Our first practical course is now available. We are running it mainly through our dedicated Facebook group Wicca course (by Wylde Ambiance) https://www.facebook.com/groups/355883492905672 I realise that not everyone likes or uses Facebook so if you are interested in taking the course and would rather do it via email please contact… Continue reading Wicca Course

Online Book Shop

Hi all. This is a quick one to announce that we have an affiliate online book shop. This is with Bookshop.org set up to rival Amazon and support local book shops. At the moment we have four categories: Spiritual, Self Development, History and Games. We will over time be adding more categories and more books… Continue reading Online Book Shop

We Are Moving

Hi everyone, blessings to you all. We have exciting news. Our last day of trading at Wolverhampton Market will be Saturday 15th May 2021. We have had nearly 3 years trading on the markets in the city but now feel it is time to set up with a permanent shop. This is going to be… Continue reading We Are Moving

The End of Lockdown

Hello everyone. I cannot tell you how very excited we are here in the Lair. Tomorrow we return to providing you with all of the wonderful goods that we have to offer. You will notice a change at the market, during the winter storms the frame we were using for cover actually broke and became… Continue reading The End of Lockdown

New Site & Beginnings

Greetings from the Mad Druid. I am so happy to be blogging to you from our new web host. I hope that you have had a look at the site and doesn’t it look great. Many thanks to Marc for his hard work. We couldn’t be happier. If you follow us on Facebook you will… Continue reading New Site & Beginnings

Why Wylde Ambiance

Wylde Ambiance. More than twenty years ago I was a member of a small interest group, it’s main focus was on a spirituality/religion, which is not important. You see, since an early age I had an interest in spirituality and this group was the latest in my search for answers. The trouble was that I… Continue reading Why Wylde Ambiance

Trying times

Bright blessings everyone. Lets face it we need all the blessings we can get this year! To everyone that has visited us at Wolverhampton Market this will be old news but we have moved into a cabin. This has helped with some of the set up. The Elements and Stamford incense is now displayed on… Continue reading Trying times

Help us help you!

Hi everyone you don’t normally hear from us on a Sunday, but I thought that it is about time to ask for some input from your good selves. our custom is comeing from a wide range of people and these include two destinct groups namely Pagans and clairvoyants/spirtualists. Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone… Continue reading Help us help you!