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Help us help you!

Hi everyone you don’t normally hear from us on a Sunday, but I thought that it is about time to ask for some input from your good selves.

our custom is comeing from a wide range of people and these include two destinct groups namely Pagans and clairvoyants/spirtualists. Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone and we are inclusive rather than exclusive. This is great and we would like to ask you if there is anything that we can supply for you (as long as it is legal). For instance we are being asked for Frankincense and we will be getting this back in soon.

Is there anything else we can get for you?

Can we provide basic information about anything?

Please let us know and if we can do it then we will.

Also we are happy to be an information point and are happy to advertise any group activites etc for free. This can be leaftets, or small (A5 size) posters as long as you provide them.


The Mad Druid

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