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Wiccan Fire Magick


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Perhaps one of the Oldest forms of Magick the concept of using a flame to carry our wishes to the Gods, means that candle magick and candle burning is a modern occult art, a form of sympathetic Magick that links us back to our Pagan ancestors and was the magick of that most sacred of necessities РFire.


Candles in all shapes and sizes are adored by modern Witches and Pagans, from tiny little nightlights to large lovely beeswax Altar candles. Candles are predominantly used in making magick, because candles are associated with the element of fire. They speak of a magickal language, that is evocative of the element of fire, and a salamanders that are resident within the flame, listening responsivley to the words of the spell being spoken, the wisps of smoke taking our wishes up onto the Astral Planes for attention duly given by higher spiritual beings.