Wylde Ambiance

The End of Lockdown

Hello everyone. I cannot tell you how very excited we are here in the Lair. Tomorrow we return to providing you with all of the wonderful goods that we have to offer.

You will notice a change at the market, during the winter storms the frame we were using for cover actually broke and became dangerous. The wonderful market staff made it all safe for those coming to the market for food etc. We now have a new gazebo which will be much better and will protect the products and customers from the elements. It will probably be warmer too. The shelves that we used for the Elements, Nemesis and Stamford incense have found a new home in our storage unit making that a much more organised space. To replace them we now have fold-away shelves which are more manageable and can be easily stored. On our return to the market we will be looking to be more organised in the cabin too. It is far too cluttered and it is easy to miss some of the wonderful things we have for sale.

So come on down to Wolverhampton Market we look forward to seeing you!



The Mad Druid

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