Wylde Ambiance

Trying times

Bright blessings everyone. Lets face it we need all the blessings we can get this year!

To everyone that has visited us at Wolverhampton Market this will be old news but we have moved into a cabin. This has helped with some of the set up. The Elements and Stamford incense is now displayed on shelves and we have branded out into Satya incense sticks as well and have a large range having expanded from Nag Champa. These will shortly be added to the website.

We have had essential oils for some time and this has been expanded upon and we now have over fifty different oils and blends. These are selling really well.

We have also teamed up with out friends at Hawthorn Crafts and are now selling their T-Shirts. These too will be added to the web site soon.

I have been asked why it takes so long to get the items onto the web pages. The reason is that it is laborious, dull, tedious, repetitive etc.. For example it took all day Saturday to put the essential oils onto the site! The new Wix app has helped with this, and it would have taken much much longer doing it on a computer.

Blessings (again)


The Mad Druid

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