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We Are Moving

Hi everyone, blessings to you all. We have exciting news.

Our last day of trading at Wolverhampton Market will be Saturday 15th May 2021. We have had nearly 3 years trading on the markets in the city but now feel it is time to set up with a permanent shop. This is going to be in the Wulfrun Centre. The shop will be in the circular part of the centre between the entrance to Poundland and Right House (formerly Bright House).

We are very excited by this move, The Mad Druids wife is looking forward to being warm when at the shop, and I the Mad Druid am looking forward to not having to chase wind blown products all over, protecting our stock from the rain, snow hail etc. But most of all not having to set up every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday!.

In the Wulfrun Centre we will be trading 7 days per week. In the dry, and in the warm. We will be finally able to have all of our stock on display rather than having to choose what we put out on a particular day.

Kind Regards

Singe The Mad Druid


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