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Why Wylde Ambiance

Wylde Ambiance.

More than twenty years ago I was a member of a small interest group, it’s main focus was on a spirituality/religion, which is not important. You see, since an early age I had an interest in spirituality and this group was the latest in my search for answers. The trouble was that I didn’t know what questions to ask, but I was drawn to the messages that I found in this group and the open comradery of it’s members; in short it was fun. This group had a set of rules one of which was and I paraphrase, was to explore your own path within the general ideas that were shared.

I have just realised that I have lived my life true to this ideal.

In 2018 I along with my family set up Wylde Ambiance. It started with a few boxes of incense and some candles and a few nic-nacks, but pretty soon the line expanded and we started attending Wolverhampton Market. All along I have held true to the idea that my beliefs were not important to you the customer. Your beliefs are paramount and if you have questions then I will answer honestly but never definitively. I am more likely to answer with a question for you to go and find the answer for yourself. This is your life, your path and your spirituality. I did this in the backdrop of some fierce opposition from extended family members that had been bought up in a single faith and doctrine. I wish them well but that way has never been for me (and yes at one point I became lazy and was looking for a simple way of doing things, a path that was set out, but found that there were too many instances that tripped me up and just seemed out of kilter with the main message of that faith).

So Wylde Ambiance is there for you. We have some lovely things, but the main reason we are here is for those that are on their own path. We serve as a point of reference, a place where you can get physical aids (incense, oils, books) to help you on your quest. We are here to serve.

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